Water supply and drainage of cottages

Services for individual developers: water supply and drainage of cottages

We offer sewage and sewage treatment services for both industrial and individual developers. Our local treatment plants are ideal for homes and cottages because they are compact and easy to maintain. Each landlord can easily operate their own cleaning system without the use of septic tanks and drainage. Minimal distances to homes, aesthetics and economy are the main advantages of cleaning systems designed for domestic use.

The treated water can be used for irrigation of land, for washing of vehicles and cleaning of the territory, in agriculture and in other industries.

With local wastewater treatment plants, you can use  rain and melt water for your own needs and production purposes, which after cleaning is also suitable for most technological processes. These are additional resources for which you will not have to pay anyone!


Станції біологічної очистки АСТРА модельного ряду ЮніЛОС розташовуються на території налаштування котеджу з санітарно-захисною зоною не менше 8 м. до житла. При необхідності ЮніЛОС-Україна може виконати проект монтажу очисних споруд, підвідних і відвідних трубопроводів з урахуванням налаштування прилеглих до котеджу територій.

Монтаж, шефмонтаж

UniLOS-Ukraine specialists inspect the site for installation of the ASTRA biological treatment plant or other structures of the UnilOS-Ukraine model range.

Warranty service.

Water treatment equipment installed on the site of the developer is under warranty service according to the warranty card in the passport for installation.


Water treatment equipment installed on the site of the developer, is under warranty service in accordance with the warranty card in the passport for installation. The servicing of the installed equipment for purification and sewage of the return water can be carried out directly by the adjuster after proper training by the employees of Unilos-Ukraine LLC.

In case of need of performance of service works by the specialists of LLC “Unilos-Ukraine” a contract is concluded between the customer and the contractor. Departures of specialists for service is carried out with a period of from 1 to 3 months, depending on the operating conditions of the delivered equipment. Service personnel pump out excess activated sludge, check the condition of coarse waste retention devices, replace consumables and monitor the quality of treated sewage, adjust settings when necessary.

Importantly!!! By ordering local wastewater treatment plants, you not only save resources and comply with environmental legislation. You take care of your own health, that of your children and grandchildren.

Our future is determined by our attitude to water.

If you are an individual developer, now is the time to think about the ecology of your home and the savings of natural resources.

We will conduct a survey of the property and prepare a business offer for free!